Muscgel from Aloë Vera – Relief for muscles

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Ideal for feet, joints and tired legs, gives peace and refreshment. Heat regulating and calming in bruises, cramps, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.


The aloë vera muscgel is a natural gel that gives relief to your muscles. It is ideal for the feet, joints and tired legs and gives peace and refreshment. The gel regulates heat and calming in bruises, cramps, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. The gel contains aloë vera, arnica (devil’s spice), devil’s claw and contains no parabene! The aloë vera plant is recognized by its thick, pointy and fleshy green leaves, which can be about 30-50 cm long. Each leaf is full of slimy tissue that stores water, making the leaves thick. This tissue is the gel we associate with aloë vera products. It is scientifically supported that aloe vera contains bioactive substances that can improve health. You lubricate the sensitive area with a little gel and massage it lightly. The gel relieves the pain considerably.

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