What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats body, mind and head through the use of essential oil extracted from plants. The art of aromatherapy is rooted in the oldest healing methods of thousands of years ago when for the first time in Egypt, India and China the healing properties of flowers and plants were discovered.

The subtle healing properties of essential oils are of a higher level than chemical drugs and have a more powerful effect on the mind and emotions. Essential oils affect your mood, the spiritual resilience and bring a pleasant atmosphere to your home. They offer a gentle, sensitive alternative to the risks of synthetic drugs, which increasingly cause negative side effects, allergic reactions and addictions. The most important characteristic of essential oil is its balancing effect on the body, because you get sick when your body is not in balance. Essential oils also have a wide range of therapeutic properties and many diseases can be remedied by this method, the most natural of all plant-based medicines.

Aromatherapy can be used as an addition to modern medicine or other forms of alternative therapy, because it often goes very well with those other treatment methods. It is one of the most beautiful and pleasant way to health and well-being. Visit our webshop for the range of products.

About the producer

The essential oils are made by the Spanish company Aromas Naturales. They get the very best raw materials from around the world. Their products are now being sold in 56 countries and have a good name in Holland for 25 years. Current companies that already sell the essential oils include sauna centers, hotels, beauty and beauty parlors, alternative medicine practices, herbal shops, garden centers, home and decoration shops, holiday parks etc.

Product information

The 100% natural oils are made from flowers and plants. The oil can be extracted from the flowers or plants by steam distillation or pressing. The oil is put in a jar together with a sponge, so that the oil is absorbed by the sponge and the product has its optimal and longest lasting effect. No chemical products are added and it is therefore a 100% natural product. Because we do not use dyes, the color can be different sometimes.

The natural oil is best used for aromatherapy when the jar is placed in the bedroom. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and sent to all parts of the body. Before they are finally eliminated by the body, they affect the system from a few hours to a few days, this varies per person. The oil is absorbed through the skin through the hair follicles, which contain an oily substance: sebum. The oil can dissolve in the blood and the tissue fluid. That process usually takes 1 to 6 hours.

geurpotjes voor Aromatherapie - Aromatherapy

Our fragrance Jars

Our jars are also extremely suitable for a nice smell in the house for rooms up to 20 m2. You can use the jars by turning the lid off and placing it as low as possible near the ground; because smells rise. So nothing needs to be heated or ignited. For optimal product operation, you should turn the jar upside down once a month (of course with the lid closed). Use a saucer so that the oil can not leak on porous surfaces.

mikado voor Aromatherapie - Aromatherapy

Our Mikado fragrance sticks

We also offer the essential oils in the form of the well-known fragrance sticks. These are ideal in the living room, toilet or kitchen and for a space of up to 40 m2. Because the fragrance sticks absorbs the oil, it will spread a wonderful aroma in the room. Tip: turn the fragrance sticks once a week. This way the aromas remain optimally preserved in the room.

Different deliveries of the essential oils can have a different smell and color. Like everything that lives, plants are influenced by the conditions in which they grow. Aromatic plants in particular are sensitive to their environment. The oil produced by the plant is influenced by factors such as soil type, altitude, humidity, temperature, sunshine and rain. In addition, the final smell and quality are also determined by the time of the harvest and the method by which the oil is extracted. Our oils are extracted in 2 different ways:

  1. Water vapor distillation:

The most important and most frequently used method is water vapor distillation. The plants are placed on a grid in a distillation vessel, after which water vapor is allowed to rise. Due to the heat of the water vapor, the cell walls of the leaves, seeds and other parts of the plants in which the ethetic oil is stored are broken down, so that the oil is released as vapor. In order to obtain the highest possible quality, some plants are distilled immediately after the harvest. It also happens that some flowers and plants have to dry for a few days before they are distilled.

The ethereal oil vapor, together with the water vapor, is led through cooling vessels, where the vapor condenses and can be collected. After the cooling, the essential oil usually floats on the water in the receptacles, because most essential oils are lighter than water. In this way they can be separated. Water vapor distillation is still the most fertile extraction method. The barrels in modern distilleries are made of stainless steel to prevent contamination and to produce oil of the highest possible quality. Stainless steel does not give off color, odor or flavor.

  1. Pressing:

This form of extraction is only used with citrus oils. The peel of all citrus fruits is full of oil glands, which contain droplets of essential oil. The skin is separated from the flesh, which contains the juice. Then she is pressed to get the essential oil out. In the past, pressing was done by hand, but nowadays it is done mechanically.


None of our oils are for internal use. Keep open jars away from small children and pets. Also do not touch the sponge with the fingers, the bacteria can reduce the power of the oil. We also offer products based on Aloe Vera. Some of these products are for internal use, this is clearly stated with every Aloe Vera product. In this way we offer the best for your health for every application.

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